Dr Gavin Robinson


Last updated: 15 June 2022. I am now available for small to medium jobs. I can also give free advice and estimates to help with project planning and funding applications. I will not work for or give advice to Goldsmiths, University of London because I support UCU's boycott.

Corpus Synodalium has now officially launched. This is a database of medieval church statutes compiled by Professor Rowan Dorin at Harvard and Stanford universities. I transcribed 645,000 words from printed Latin texts that were too difficult for OCR.


I am an independent historian and professional palaeographer. I run my own business offering historical manuscript transcription, XML markup, and data cleaning services. On this website you can find more details of my manuscript transcription and data processing services and general business information. If you have any enquiries about this work, you can contact me. You can get a free estimate to help with project planning and funding applications, with no obligation to use my services if the application is successful.

I am also available for employment and casual work where contracting out isn't possible, for example if:

I can't do self-employed work for an institution that has recently employed me, but I can be brought in-house by an instution that has previously contracted out work to my self-employed business.

My own current research is on military units and personnel in the British Civil Wars. I am also interested in Linked Open Data.