Dr Gavin Robinson: Funding and Planning Advice


If you are planning a research project or applying for funding, you can contact me to get free advice and estimates. I have experience of working with universities in the UK and US on large projects, some of them funded by the AHRC, ESRC, or Leverhulme Trust. Advice will be tailored to your project. The earlier you contact me the better. There will be no obligation to use my services if your application is successful. I will give honest and impartial advice based on my experience. Even if I am not able to do the work myself, I can give you useful information. We will need to consider methods, timescale, and cost. See below for more details.

Transcription methods

There are several ways that a large project can get documents transcribed:

You could combine more than one of these methods. I will give an honest assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each method, which will depend on several factors, including:

Although you will not be obliged to use my services, if you do want me to take part in the project I can be flexible about my role and employment status:


Given a sample of the documents you need to be transcribed, I can estimate how many hours and weeks it would take me to do the work on my own. From this, we can calculate a timescale for multiple contractors or an in-house team.


For general information, see my current prices. If you contact me, I can give a more precise estimate for your project, as it depends on the number of pages, number of words per page, difficulty of handwriting, and image quality. You will need to compare this with estimates from other suppliers and with the cost of in-house employment. Universities usually require competitive tenders for contracts of more than a few thousand pounds. I have experience of winning tenders by competing on cost and quality.