Dr Gavin Robinson: Business Information

I am a sole trader working under my own name in the UK. I previously owned and ran Different Hand Ltd but I wound the company up because of changes to tax rules, and to save accountant's fees.

Working Methods

US Tax Compliance

I am exempt from withholding because I work outside the US. I can complete any forms or statements that your admin staff need to document this.

No sales tax will be charged because I am providing services outside the US.

UK Tax Compliance

I do not charge VAT as I am well under the threshold for compulsory registration, I have no intention of registering voluntarily, and my services are not classed as e-services. If your institution is in the UK, my services should be classed as outside the scope of VAT on purchase orders and invoices.

I am self-employed. This means that your institution has no tax liabilities and should not deduct any tax or National Insurance from my fees. My contracts and working methods are designed to rigorously comply with disguised employment rules so that there is no risk of either party having to pay National Insurance or penalties. I can supply any evidence your admin staff need to prove that I am properly self-employed.

Because I am self-employed, my working methods always meet these criteria:

I will often also meet these criteria, but they are not vital provided that I have full right of control:

If these conditions can't be met, I can also work as an employee or casual worker. For example, if:

I can't do self-employed work for an institution that has recently employed me, but I can be brought in-house by an instution that has previously contracted out work to my self-employed business.